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Japan's 100 remarkable waters

For the purpose of raising public awareness of natural water and nature conservation, in 1985 Japanese ministry of environment selected 100 water sources from all over the country and certified them. Selection criteria are not limited to water quality and preservation of surrounding environment, but history, uniqueness, and local people's effort to protect the sources are among other factors to be incorporated. Type of waters range from spring water to water for irrigation.
The list is one of "100 remarkables" in Japan, among other lists include 100 remarkable mountains and 100 remarkable waterfalls.

Area Name Location WaterType
1 Yotei no Fukidashi Yusui
(Jet spring water of Yotei Mountain)
Kyogoku-cho, Abuta-gun Spring Water
2 Kanro Sensui
(Sweet Spring Water)
Rijirifuji-machi, Rijiri-gun Spring Water
3 Naibetsugawa Yusui
(Naibetsu River's springs)
Rankoshi, Chitose-city Spring Water
4 Tomita no Shitsuko
(Clean water of Tomita)
Kamisuki-cho, Hirosaki-city Spring Water
5 Igami no Shitsuko
(Clean water of Igami)
Hiraga-cho, Minami Tsuruga-gun Spring Water
6 Water of Ryusendo
Iwaizumi-cho, Shimohei-gun Spring Water
7 Kanazawa Shimizu
(Clean water of Kanazawa)
Matsuo-mura, Iwate-gun Spring Water
8 Katsuraha Shimizu
Takashimizu-cho, Kurihara-gun Spring Water
9 Hiroseg-awa (Hirose River) Sendai-shi River
10 Rokugo Yusui-gun
(Spring waters of Rokugo)
Rokugo-machi, Senhoku-gun Spring Water
11 Chikara-Mizu (Power Water) Yuzawa-shi Spring Water
12 Gassan Sanroku Yusui-gun
(Spring waters of Gassan Mountain foot)
Nishikawa-cho, Nishi Murayama-gun Spring Water
13 Omigawa (Omi River) Hanyu, Higshine-shi Spring Water
14 Bandai Nishi Sanroku Yusui-gun
(Springs in west Bandai Mountain foot)
Banda-machi Spring Water
15 Onogawa Yusui
(Springs of Ono River)
Kita Shiohara-mura Spring Water
16 Yamizogawa Yusui-gun
(Springs of Yamizo River)
Daido-machi, Kuji-gun Spring Water
17 Izuruhara Benten-ike Yusui
(Spring of Izuruhara Benten Pond)
Izuruhara-cho, Sano-shi Spring Water
18 Shojinzawa Yusui
(Spring of Shojin mountain streams)
Shiotani-cho, Shiotani-gun Spring Water
19 Ogawa Zeki (Ogawa sluice) Kanra-machi, Kanra-gun Irrigation water
20 Hakoshima Yusui
(Springs of Hakoshima)
Azuma-mura, Agatsuma-gun Spring Water
21 Fuppugawa / Yamato-mizu
(Fuppuriver / Yamato water)
Yorii-machi, Oosato-gun Spring Water
22 Yuya no Shimizu
(Clean water of Yuya)
Chonan-cho, Chosei-gun Spring Water
23 Otaka no Michi / Masugata no ikeYusui-gun
(Otaka lane / Springs at Pond of true figure)

Nishimoto-machi, Kokubunji-shi Spring Water
24 Mitake Keiryu
(Mitake mountain torrent)
Miteke, Ome-shi River
25 Hadano Bonchi Yusui-gun
(Springs in Hadano basin)
Hadano-shi Spring Water
26 Shasui no Taki / Takizawagawa
(Shasui Cascade / Takizawa River)
Yamakita-machi, Ashigara kami-gun River
27 Ryugakubo no Mizu
(Water of Ryugakubo)
Tsunan-machi, Naka Uonuma-gun Spring Water
28 Todo no mori Yusui
(Springs of Todo forest)
Tochio-shi Spring Water
29 Kurobegawa Senjo-chi Yusui-gun
(Springs in fan-shaped area by Kurobe River)
Shimo-shinkawa-gun, Kurobe-shi Spring Water
30 Anantan no Reisui
(Sacred water in valley of hole)
Kamiichi-cho, Naka Niikawa-gun Spring Water
31 Tateyama Tamadono Yusui
(Springs of Tateyama Tamadono)
Tateyama-cho, Naka Niikawa-gun Spring Water
32 Uriwari no Shozu
(Clean water of torn gourd)
Shokawa-machi, Tonami-gun Spring Water
33 Kobo-ike no Mizu
(Water in Kobo Pond)
Torigoe-mura, Ishikawa-gun Spring Water
34 Kowa Shudo (Kowa fine water) Monzen-machi, Fugeshi-gun Spring Water
35 Mitarai-ike (Mitarai Pond) Tatsuruhama-machi, Kashima-gun Spring Water
36 Uriwari no Taki
(Waterfall of torn gourd)
Kaminaka-cho, Onyu-gun Spring Water
37 Oshozu (Clean water) Oono-shi Spring Water
38 Unose (River of cormorants) Kohama-shi River
39 Oshino Hakkai
(Eight waters of Oshino)
Oshino-mura, Minami Tsuru-gun Spring Water
40 40 Yatsugatake Kogen Nanroku Yusui-gun
(Springs in south foot of Yatsugatake mountains)
Nagasaka-cho/Kobuchizawa-cho, Kita Koma-gun Spring Water
41 Hakushu / Ojiragawa
(Hakushu / Ojira River)
Hakushu-cho, Kita Koma-gun River
42 Sarukura no Izumi
(Spring of Sarukura)
Haba, Iida-shi Spring Water
43 Azumino Wasabida Yusui-gun
(Springs of Azumino Wasabi fields)
Toyoshina-machi/Hotaka-machi, Minami Azumi-gun Spring Water
44 Himekawa Genryu Yusui
(Springs of Hime River source)
Hakuba-mura, Kita Azumi-gun Spring Water
45 Sogi-sui
(Hakuun-sui) (Sogi's water)
Hachiman-cho, Gujo-shi Spring Water
46 Nagaragawa
(Nagara river midstream)
Mino-shi, Seki-shi, Gifu-shi River
47 Yoro no Taki / Kukusuisen
(Yoro waterfall / Kikusui spring)
Yoro-cho, Yoro-gun Spring Water
48 Kakitagawa Yusui-gun
(Springs of Kakita River)
Shimizu-cho, Shunto-gun Spring Water
49 Kisogawa
(Kiso River midstream)
Inuyama shi - Kani River junction River
50 Chishaku Yosui
(Chishaku Yosui)
Chishaku-cho, Yokkaichi-shi Irrigation water
51 Erihara no Mizuana
(Water hole of Erihara)
Isobe-cho, Shima-gun Spring Water
52 Juomura no Mizu
(Water of Juo village)
Nishiima-cho, Hikone-shi Spring Water
53 Izumi Jinja Yusui
(Spring water at Izumi shrine)
Ibuki-cho, Sakata-gun Spring Water
54 Fushimi no Gokousui
(Aroma water of Fushimi)
Kyoto-shi Ground water
55 Iso Shimizu
(Clean water by sea shore)
Miyazu-shi Ground water
56 Rikyu no Mizu
(Water of imperial villa)
Mishima-gun Ground water
57 Miyamizu (Miyamizu) Nishinomiya-shi Ground water
58 Nunohiki Keiryu
(Nunohiki mountain torrent)
Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi River
59 Chigusagawa (Chigusa River) North western Hyogo prefecture River
60 Dorogawa Yusui-gun
(Springs of Doro River)
Tenkawa-mura, Yoshino-gun Spring Water
61 Nonaka no Shimizu
(Clean water in Nonaka)
Nakahechi-cho, Muro-gun Spring Water
62 Kimiidera no Sansei-sui
(Water of three wells at Kimii temple)
Wakayama-shi Spring Water
63 Ama no Manai
(Heavenly pure water)
Yodoe-cho, Saihaku-gun Spring Water
64 Tengawa no Mizu
(Water of heaven river)
Ama-cho, Oki-gun Spring Water
65 Dangyo no Taki Yusui
(Cascade spring water of Dangyo)
Tsuma-mura, Oki-gun Spring Water
66 Shiogama no Reisen
(Cold spring of Shiogama)
Yatsuka-son, Maniwa-gun Spring Water
67 Omachi no Reisen
(Cold spring in Omachi)
Omachi, Okayama-shi Spring Water
68 Iwai (Iwai) Kami Saihara-mura, Tomata-gun Spring Water
69 Ohtagawa
(Ohta River midstream)
Hiroshima-shi River
70 Deai Shimizu
(Clean water at a meeting place)
Fuchu-machi, Aki-gun Spring Water
71 Beppu Benten-ike Yusui
(Spring water of Beppu Benten Pond)
Shuho-cho, Mine-gun Spring Water
72 Sakura Ido
(Cherry well)
Tsuzu, Iwakuni-shi Spring Water
73 Jakujigawa
(Jakuji River)
Nishiki-cho, Kuga-gun River
74 Egawa no Yusui
(Springs of Egawa)
Oe-gun Spring Water
75 Tsurugi-san Goshinsui
(Divine water of Tsurugisan Mountain)
Higashi Iyayama-mura, Miyoshi-gun Spring Water
76 Yubune no Mizu
(Water of Yubune Mountain)
Ikeda-cho, Shodo-gun Spring Water
77 Uchinuki
Saijo-shi Spring Water
78 Jo no Fuchi
(Spring of stick)
Minami takai-machi, Matsuyama-shi Spring Water
79 Kannon sui
(Water of Kannon)
Uwa-cho, Higashi Uwa-gun Spring Water
80 Shimanto River
Western Kochi prefecture River
81 Antoku-sui
(Water of Antoku)
Ochi-cho, Takaoka-gun Spring Water
82 Kiyomizu Yusui
(Clean spring water)
Ukiha-machi, Ukiha-gun Spring Water
83 Furo sui
(Water of immortality)
Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi Ground water
84 Ryumon no Seisui
(Clean water of dragon gate)
Nishi Arita-cho, Matsuura-gun River
85 Kiyomizugawa
(Kiyomizu River)
Ogi-machi, Ogi-gun River
86 Shimabara Yusui-gun
(Springs in Shimabara)
Shimabara-shi Spring Water
87 Todoroki Keiryu
(Todoroki mountain torrent)
Takaki-cho, Kita Takaki-gun River
88 Todoroki Suigen
(Todoroki spring source)
Miyanosho-machi, Uto-shi Spring Water
89 Shirakawa Suigen
(Shirakawa Spring source)
Minami Aso-mura, Minami Aso-gun Spring Water
90 Kikuchi Suigen
(Kikuchi water source
Kikuchi-shi River
91 Ikeyama Suigen
(Ikeyama Spring source)
Ubuyama-mura, Aso-gun Spring Water
92 Oike Yusui-gun
(Oike Pond Springs)
Shonai-cho, Oita-gun Spring Water
93 Taketa Yusui-gun
(Springs in Takeda
akeda-shi Spring Water
94 Hakusangawa
(Hakusan River)
Mie-machi, Ono-gun River
95 Idenoyama Yusui
(Springs of Idenoyama
Kobayashi-shi Spring Water
96 Ayagawa Yusui-gun
(Springs of Aya River)
Aya-cho, Higashi Morokata-gun Spring Water
97 Yakushima Miyanoura-Dake Ryusui
(Water on Yakushima Island's Miyano-Dake Mountain)

Kami Yaku-cho, Yaku-cho, Kumage-gun River
98 Kirishima Sanroku Maruike Yusui
(Maruike spring water in Kirishima Mountain foot)

Kurino-cho, Aira-gun Srping Water
99 Kiyomizu no Yusui
(Spring of clean water)
Kawanabe-cho, Kawanabe-gun Sprign Water
100 Kakinohana Hi-ja
(Guttered water in Kakinohana)
Kakinohara, Tamagusuku-mura Spring Water


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