Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


A well at old residence of
Ichiyo Higuchi

A well in Hongo Kikuzaka that short-lived writer Ichiyo Higuchi used

The prominent Meiji Era writer Ichiyo Higuchi, known as her works such as a short story Takekurabe (Comparing Heights). She spent her late years in short life in Hongo, and lived in Hongo Kikuzaka from when she was 18 years old to 21.
It is said that Ichiyo used the well on daily basis for washing of others in order to help make her living. Today the well still locates at the very point, also works as water is pumped for watering plants.
As of 2004 landscape of Bunkyo area is rapidly changing as constructions of large condominiums accelerates, but some of the narrow and tangled alleys are still preserved, and Ichiyo's well can be found in one of them.

Location: 4-32 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Transportation: 10 minutes walk from "Kasuga" station on Toei Mita line or Toei Oedo Line, 13 minutes walk from "Korakuen" station on Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line or Marunouchi Line
Contact: Bunkyo Furusato Rekishi-Kan (Bunkyo Local History Office) 81-(3)-3818-7221

A pawnshop Ichiyo often visited still stands in Hongo
The well situates quietly in alley