Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Nakameguro Hachiman Shrine

Pure natural water at heart of Tokyo

Understood to be constructed during Kanbun period in Edo-era (around 1660), Nakameguro Hachiman Shrine is located only minutes walk away from busy Nakameguro station.
The shrine is blessed with many big old trees so the space keeps its silence and naturally refreshes visiting people.
A small spring can be found by the stairs to the shrine hall. When we visited, we met local residents with empty bottles who told us they come once occasionally to take water for making teas. According to them, the tea made with this water tastes distinctly delicious.

Location: 3-10-5 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Transportation: 8 minutes walk from "Nakameguro" station on Tokyu Toyoko Line
Contact: Nakameguro Hachiman Shrine 81-(0)3-3712-5507

Water flowing out of rocks