Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Mitake mountain torrent

Source of fine Sake in beautiful mountain torrent

Okutama, backdoor of Tama region in north western Tokyo, is a home of deep mountains and fine natural waters. Famous Mitake valley of Tama River appears between Sawai station and Mitake station on JR Ome Line, a branch line of JR Chuo-line. As water runs through steep creeks and vast rocks, its muscle flow, complex routes, and emerald green colour naturally burn into one's mind and make it so easy to forget the region is a part of Tokyo. It is also a polular spot for canoeing and ayu(sweetfish) & trout fishing.
Walkway is constructed along the river so that dynamic and intricate view of the water can be seen from close.
Near Sawai station is where Ozawa Brewery makes its fine Sake brands with natural spring water captured at source. The water is not only used for Sake but it is important ingredient for Tofu cuisine which one can also taste in the next restaurant.
One of 100 remarkable waters in Japan certified by Ministry of Environment.

Location: Mitake, Ome-shi, Tokyo
Transportation: "Mitake" station or "Sawai" station on JR Ome Line
Contact: Ome City Tourism Association 81-(0)428-24-2481

Tama River's view from a bridge
Visitors can test drink the water used for brewing "Sawanoi" Sake brand