Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


(Spring waters of Rokugo)

Town of hundred spring waters

Located in central part of Akita prefecture, Town of Rokugo is known for countless numbers of excellent water sources in the region. Its nickname, "Town of 100 water sources", is therefore self-explanatory.
The region is home of outstanding Sake brands which are brewed by richly using the local pure spring water. "Niteko" cider soft drink is another product benefited from the water of good quality in Niteko, which is known as "Imperial water" for it was served for Japanese Emperor in Meiji era. "Somen" noodle is another famous local product made by using the natural gift of these fine waters.
Each of 60+ spring spots is uniquely named, such as "Spring water of Odaidokoro", "Spring water of Zato", and "Spring water of wisteria". The town is highly attached to spring waters.

Location: Rokugo-machi, Senboku-gun, Akita Prefecture
Transportation: 30 minutes by car fro Yokote Interchange on Akita Jidosha-do Highway
Contact: Rokugo-machi Town Office Tourism Section 0187-84-4909

Spring water of Odaidokoro (Photo by Rokugo-machi Town Office)

Spring water of Zato (Photo by Rokugo-machi Town Office)

Spring water of wisteria (Photo by Rokugo-machi Town)