Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.



Healing water for a great Heian-era Shogun

As a legendary Shogun in Heian Era (794~1192 AD), Sakanoue Tamuramaro is known for his feat of conquering northern region Ezo. A story has been passed down by generations that Tamuramaro cured his eye disease by washing with spring water in Hiraga. The water was named "Clean water of God", has long been worshiped as spiritual water. It jets out from a stone-made water place.
Town of Hiraga is famous also as a home of apples of brilliant quality.

Location: Hiraga-machi, Minami-Tsuruga-gun, Aomori Prefecture
Transportation: Take Konan Tetsudo Line from JR "Hirosaki" station and get off at "Hiraga" station, take Konan bus for Karatake and get off at last stop, then 15 minutes walk.
Contact: Hiraga-machi Town Office 0172-44-3001

Igami-no-Shitsuko Spring (Photo by Hiraga-machi Town)