Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Idenoyama Yusui
(Spring water of Idenoyama)

Dancing fireflies on great water

Located at Kirishima mountain foot, Kobayashi city has more than 40 spring sources including Spring water of Idenoyama, which is a part of upstream of Iwase River. People with empty bottles visit the water source where fresh water gushes out from a number of spots including rock cracks.
The volume of the water is 80 thousand tons per day. The water is well utilized for local residents' daily lives and also for nursing fish. In early summer time one can observe fireflies dancing over small rivers around the water source.
Miyazaki prefecture has long been running a fish breeding and raising facility with nature's gift of this fine water, fish kind ranging from rainbow trout to sturgeon. Area around the water source is a nature park, in which an aquarium of freshwater fish is built and attracts visitors for great number of different kinds of fish.
Kobayashi City holds "Great water festival" in every summer, where local residents and tourists celebrate the great nature's gift.

Location: Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture
Transportation: 10 minutes by car from "Kobayashi" station on JR Kitto Line
Contact: Kobayashi City Office Tourism Section 0984-23-1174

Puree spring water of Idenoyama (Photo by Kobayashi city office)

"Indenoyama Park" Known for aquaculture of various fish
(Photo by Kobayashi city office)