Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Kiyomizu Yusui
(Spring water of Kiyomizu)

Water as medicine

Seisuiji Temple begins its history in 13th century Kamakura-era when a traveling priest discovered a fresh spring at Minou mountainfoot. It is said that he made his home nearby the spring, later became Seisuiji Temple, or temple of clean spring water.
Since its foundation, Seisuiji's water has long been loved and worshiped by local people who believed medical effect of the water. Today the water is utilized widely for daily use and agricultural purposes.
At the scene, one can observe spring water quietly yet strongly spouts out into the pond. Surrounding atmosphere is as quiet as one can hope for.

Location: Ukiha City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Transportation: 5 minutes by taxi from "Ukiha" station on JR Kyudai Honsen Line
Contact: Ukiha City Office Tourism Section 0943-77-2111

Spring water of Kiyomizu (Photo by Ukiha City)

The water quietly flows (Photo by Ukiha City)

The Pond of Kiyomizu (Photo by Ukiha City)