Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Spring waters of Shimabara

Variety of fine waters in castle town

Historic town of Shimabara is know also for its great spring waters and water culture deeply attached to local residents' daily lives. Water spouts out from more than 30 spring spots in town, total daily volume mounts to 22 thousand tons.
History of Shimabara spring water dates back to 17th century in Edo-era when first water channels were constructed. Today original waterways are still working at former site of samurai residence. Among local residences some houses have water gardens uniquely structured by utilizing ample spring water. An area near central part of the town called carp-swimming town has countless varicoloured carps in water channels.
Other well known water sources include "Eri Shrine", "Hamanokawa Spring", "Okegawa Araiba", and "Spring of Shinwa" among others that one can encounter very easily in a walk, so that the town never bores visitors all year around.

Location: Shimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Transportation: 50 minutes by Shimabara Tetsudo Line from JR "Isahaya" station, get off at "Shimabara" station, then 40 minutes by car
Contact: Shimabara City Office Planning section 0957-63-1111

Carp-swimming town (Photo by Shimabara City)

Children and Eri Shrine (Photo by Shimabara City)

Water channel by former samurai residence (Photo by Shimabara City)