Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Water of Ryusendo

Emerald-colored water in a great limestone cave

One of Japan's 3 greatest limestone caves, Ryusendo has a number of underground lakes enriched with water of exquisite features. Sceneries of the lakes, keep the massive volume of water ever quietly, are exposed to visitors when they proceed in a long, narrow, and complex underground path in the giant cave.
The first lake to be encountered in the cave is called "Ryugu-fuchi (pond of Dreagon palace)", known for high level of transparency of water as one of the highest in the world with 41.5m. The third lake has a depth of 98m, and its emerald-like shining water is the highlight of the tour.
Spring volume mounts 17 thousand tons daily in Ryusendo, flowing out into a river. Temperature of this remarkable water is naturally kept at 7~10℃ throughout year. Notably this water is bottled and marketed nationally under brand name "Ryusendo-no-Mizu (Water of Ryusendo)", known also for winning Gold awards in Monde Selection.

Location: Iwaizumi-cho Town, Shimohei-gun, Iwate Prefecture
Transportation: JR bus for "Ryusendo" from "Iwaizumi" station on JR Iwaizumi Line
Contact: Iwaizumi Town Office Tourism Section 81-194-22-2111

Fresh water flowing into a river outside Ryusendo (Photo by Iwaizumi Town)

The first lake in cave (Photo by Iwaizumi Town)

The second lake (Photo by Iwaizumi Town)

The third lake (Photo by Iwaizumi Town)