Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Ayagawa Yusuigun
(Spring waters of Ayagawa)

Waters of Japan's largest evergreen forest

Evergreen forest of Aya town is Japan's largest of its kind with 3,500ha. For its size and unique location as northernmost on globe for a specific forest type, the forest is regarded as highly precious natural heritage even from world-wide viewpoint. It is the home of more than 90 types of plants, all together composing superb natural forest sceneries.
Spring waters spouting out from various sources in the forest constitute "Aya" River, then runs through great complex valleys. One can look down at the stream from one of the longest walk suspension bridges in the world.
The river is also a home of excellent sweetfish. In Edo-era the fish were called "Golden" sweetfish, caught as gifts for local governors then.

Location: Aya-machi, Higashi-Morota-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture
Transportation: 45 minutes by car from Miyazaki City center
Contact: Aya-machi Town Office 0985-77-1111 

Suspension bridge over Aya River (Photo by Aya Town)

綾川の渓谷 (写真提供:綾町役場)
Aya River (Photo by Aya Town)