Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Ryumon no Seisui
(Fresh water of Dragon gate)

Water in the home of Arita porcelain

Original rock material used for renowned Arita porcelain is procured in this region of Arita where Ryumon no Seisui is found. These rocks infiltrate the rains for years, then the spouted waters flow into Hirose river.
After running through quiet virgin forests, Hirose River reaches Ryumon dam. Around the dam is a large camping area where many visitors enjoy the great nature in weekends.
The region is also known for a number of old legends, among others that warrior Chinzei Hachiro Tamemoto fought giant snake.

Location: Arita-cho, Nishi Matsuura-gun, Saga Prefecture
Transportaion: 15 minutes by car from "Arita" station on JR Sasebo Line
Contact: Nishi Arita-cho Town Office Planning Section 0955-46-2500

Stream of "Ryumon no Seisui"
(Photo by Nishi Arita Town Office)