Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Kikuchi Keikoku (Kikuchi Ravine)

Full of fascinating scenery

Upstream of Kikuchi River in northern Kumamoto prefecture is where one can encounter full of untouched great nature. With complex gorges, trees and shrubs of great variations, and spring waters spouting out from various spots, the scenery of the river never bores visitors.
The ravine is inside the government-owned nature zone, its nature is strictly protected by local forest department.
Kikuchi ravine also attracts visitors from all over Japan and beyond who travel to see its prominent cascades and beautiful deep pools, one of which is exquisite Yonju-Sanman-Taki (cascade of 430 thousand).
The water temperature is kept naturally at 13 degrees C. all year long.

Location: Kikuchi, Kumamoto Prefecture
Transportation: 30 minute bus ride for "Kikuchi Keikoku" from JR "Kumamoto" station
Contact: Kikuchi-shi City Office 81-(0)968-25-1111

One could be easily obsessed before the magnificent nature
(Photo by Kikuchi-shi city office)
Kikuchi valley in Spring time
(Photo by Kikuchi city office)

Reimei-no-Taki, or Waterfall of dawn
(Photo by Kikuchi city office)