Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Todoroki Suigen
(Todoroki Spring Source)

Water that runs through Japan's oldest active waterworks

Being one of "Three Great Springs in Higo" (Higo as old reference name for current Kumamoto pref. area), the mineral-rich water spouts out silently. The water source is certified by Uto City as historical cultural asset due to the fact that the 5km stone water pipeline from the source is the oldest waterworks that still woks today. The history of the waterworks goes back to 1646 when local governor Hosokawa constructed clay pipeline from the spring to water-poor town of Uji. The pipeline was restructured with stones in 1769, which remains as it is today.
Todoroki Springs Nature Park is located adjacent to the source whereby the surrounding nature is strictly preserved.

Location: Miyanosho-machi, Uto-City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Transportation: From JR "Uto" station, take Kyushu Sanko Bus for Matsuhashi and drop at "Ichiriguchi", then 15 minutes walk
Contact: Commerce, Industry and Tourism Section, Uto City 0964-22-1111

The water source (Photo by Uto city office)