Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Katsuraha Shimizu

Small spring with water strings

Takashimizu-cho in Kurihara county is gifted with clean spring waters as the town name "High spring waters" correctly suggests. 7 water source spots have long been widely recognized, among which "Katsuraha Shimizu" is regarded as the representing source in the region.
At the source, pure water tranquilly spouts out from a round stone-made well by a large Japanese Judas tree. This natural setting is behind naming of the spring as "Spring water under Japanese Judas tree leaves". By the well stands a resonance pot called "Suikin-Kutsu" (hole of water strings), healing those who listen to the sound this pure spring water makes.
As quantity of the spring water in rather shallow well is not so large, local residents treat the water and the water spot with deep care.

Location: Takashimizu-cho, Kurihara-gun, Miyagi Prefecture
Transportation: 10 minutes by car from "Tsukidate" interchange on Tohoku Expressway. Or drop at "Furukawa" station on JR Tohoku Shinkansen, take bus for Chikudate and drop at "Takashimizu", then 5 minutes walk
Contact: Takashimizu Town Office 81-228-58-2111

Katsuraha Shimizu (Photo by Takashimizu Town)
Katsuraha Shimizu (Photo by Takashimizu Town)