Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Spring waters of Gassan Mountain foot

Cold springs in virgin beech forest

As a destination of many alpinists and ski lovers, Gassan Mountain is so rich in natural resources including alpine flora. It is also known as one of few Summer sky resorts for one can enjoy skiing here even in July.
Melt snow on the mountain is slowly infiltrated in Gassan layers, and cold water spouts out from great number of spots on the mountain hill surrounded by virgin beech forest. It is said that the natural infiltration takes 3 to 4 hundred years before water gushes out on the hill.
Downstream of these springs is great fishing area, attracting fishing veterans and beginners.

Location: Nishikawa-cho, Nishi-murayama-gun, Yamagata Prefecture
Transportation: Drop at "Yamagata" station on JR Ou Honsen Line, take bus for Gassan and drop at "Gassan Soguchi", and 30 minutes walk
Contact: Nishikawa-cho Town Office Tourism Section 81-237-74-2111

Spring by virgin beeches (Photo by Nishikawa-cho Town)