Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Kiyomizu River

Water from legendary waterfall

Although Kiyomizu River is only 2.5km long starting from spiritual Kiyomizu waterfall and flowing into Gion River, its sceneries and spiritual atmosphere never bore visitors.
In 1627 Saga governor then constructed Kenryuji temple nearby Kiyomizu waterfall, since the temple and the waterfall has been training site for clergies' practices. It is said to be an spiritually ideal training site where sound of water falling 75m into the basin pool can be heard from the temple.
One of specialties of City of Ogi is carp cuisine. The fish meat is well washed with the water of Kiyomizu and interestingly fish smell disappears.
Downstream region of Gion river is famous for beautiful firefly dancing in summer time. Volunteers keep the area trash free and the nature of surrounding area is well preserved.

Location: Ogi City, Saga Prefecture
Transportaion: 30 minutes by car from "Ogi" station on JR Katatsu Line
Contact: Ogi City Office Tourism Section 0952-63-8800 

Kiyomizu waterfall (Photo by Ogi City Office)
Scene nearby the waterfall (Photo by Ogi City Office)