Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Kanro Sensui

Remarkable water at most northern point

Rijiri island is located north east of main Hokkaido island. At its center is the great Rijiri Fuji Mountain (1,721m), selected as one of best 100 mountains in Japan.
The forest in the mountain is also chosen as one of 100 most remarkable forests in Japan. Hence, it is understandable that the spring water that wells out in the forest is publicly legitimate fine natural water as one of 100 remarkable waters certified by Ministry of Environment. Of 100 those waters, this water is located at most northern point.
With "Kanro" meaning sweet taste, the water is known among the local people as sweet water. It is also popular amongst alpinists who usually take a break at the spring.

Location: Rjirifuji-machi, Rijiri-gun, Hokkaido
Transportation: 1 hour and 40 minutes by ferry from Wakkanai port to the island, then 75 minutes walk.
Contact: Rijirifuji-machi town office Promotion and Tourism section 81-(0)1638-2-1114

Alpinists' oasis (Photo by Rijirifuji-machi town office)
"Sweet" water in the mountain side
(Photo by Rijirifuji-machi town office)