Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Hadano Bonchi no Yusui-gun
(Springs of Hadano Basin)

Fine water revived!

"Hadano basin spring waters", one of 100 remarkable waters in Japan certified by Ministry of Environment, natural water spouts spatter in entire Hadano region.
One of the famous spots is found inside an iris garden of Jotokuin temple. The garden is the home of fine drinkable natural water and iris flowers to be in full bloom in May and June.
Another noteworthy water is curiously located in residential area near Hadano station, called "Kobo no Shimizu (clean water of High clergy Kobo Daishi)" as described in legend that the spring discovery was spiritually guided by the famous high priest. Although certified as one of 100 remarkable waters, later in 1989 a possibly toxic substance was surprisingly detected in this water. The city, together with strong supports by local companies and residents, since strived for purification of the water by taking all possible measures ranging from setting out anti-pollution municipal ordinance that was first of its kind in Japan to constructing water refinement facilities. Thanks to their strong commitment and effort, the water has restored its purity to the level that meets all local quality standards. In 2004, the revival of remarkable water was proudly declared by the city.

Location: Hadano-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture

View inside iris garden at Jotokuji Temple
Kobo no Shimizu - Revived and now popular among local people