Extract of fine water source sceneries in Japan. Information will be updated as Global Water continues its local expedition.


Spring water of Kiyomizu

Pure water from volcanic soils

Southern Kyushu is known for its immense volcanic soil layers. The unique soil gives birth to spring water of Kiyomizu. Thousands of tons of water is said to be naturally produced at the spring site. Today it is under control of the local town who takes charge in preserving the purity of the water.
In a precipice nearby the water a large Buddha statue sits, which is said to have been sculptured over centuries.
So rich in natural waters, town of Kawanabe was certified as one of great water source areas in Japan by Japanese government.

Location: Kawanabe-cho, Kawanabe-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture
Transportation: From Kagoshima City take Kagoshima-Kotsu Bus for Makurazaka via Kawanabe (50 minutes) and drop at "Ryozoe" stop, then 15 minutes walk
Contact: Town of Kawanabe, town office 81-(0)993-56-1111

Water source is firmly protected
(Photo by Kawanabe-cho town office)